Re: [stella] Poker Solitaire, build 00f

Subject: Re: [stella] Poker Solitaire, build 00f
From: "Erik J. Eid" <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:08:27 -0500
At 06:29 AM 11/24/01 -0500, Brian Watson wrote:
This is the latest build of Poker Solitaire. It's now 6:15AM, I must have
lost my mind by now, but it's now something like 90% complete (unfortunately
the remaining 10% is probably the hardest, most time consuming part :)

Amen to that! I usually set the portions at 80% and 20%, but the sentiment is sound.

Changes from last build:

Card color has been fixed (no more urine-yellow)

Thank you! :)

Added crib sheet, listing hands & their scores (press Select to see it)

This is a rather nice feature. However, I'm not sure that I like having to hold down Select for as long as I want to look at it. What would you think of making this a toggle switch instead, or using one of the difficulty switches or color/BW for it?

If you are concerned about how this looks (and it appears there is some from later messages), how about displaying these in the same way Yahtzee does, which the six-sprite score routine, alternating between descriptions in one frame and scores in the other? You'd get better resolution for the font and two-frame flicker isn't much to deal with.

Things still left to do:

Joystick & trigger debounce, instead of blindly ignoring them for 15 frames
        between reads)

I noticed that sometimes after pressing the trigger to start a game, the first card will already be played in the upper-left corner, probably because the trigger hadn't cleared.

So far, so good...

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