[stella] Gameboy Advance '2600 emulator

Subject: [stella] Gameboy Advance '2600 emulator
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 03:13:53 +1100
You can see some screenshots of the emulator in action at
www.2headed.com/2600.html, and download
a very early alpha binary of Qb too, from www.2headed.com/preview.bin.  The
binary is my '2600 game Qb running on the '2600 emulator running on a
Gameboy Advance.  This will run on hardware, or emulators (tested on Mappy,
and VisualBoy Advance).  Frame rate is about 4fps on hardware - which, I
know, is dog-slow.  But on the other hand it's all C++ at the moment, and
I'm mid-stream in my quest to convert it to fast assembler.  I'm very
pleased with the progress so far, and have had the emulator running about 20
different games with no problems at all!

Anyone on the list who would like to see their game/demo running on my
emulator, just email it to me and I'll send you back a working binary
(hopefully!).  Seeing your '2600 game running on a Gameboy Advance is very
exciting, indeed.


Andrew Davie - adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx
TwoHeaded Software - www.2headed.com

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