Aw: Re: [stella] StellaX PAL detection

Subject: Aw: Re: [stella] StellaX PAL detection
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:41:12 +0100 (CET)
Hi Eckhard!

> >>
> In the sources I have, both the "Display.FrameRate" 
> and the "Display.Format" properties are never accessed.
> Besides, the later one even is generally NTSC, for all all
> cartridges, according to the contents of defprops.cxx, so
> the constructor of the TIA::pallette() method will always return the 
> NTSC-Colors, or?
> <<
> I haven't looked at that particular part of the code, but
> Stella sets the palette according to the "Display.Format"
> setting in the file. The system specific part
> of the code would then set up the palette accordingly.
> NTSC is only the default setting for games that don't
> have a "Display.Format" setting in their entry,
> or that aren't included in the file at all.

Well, the/my problem is, that in '', as well as in 'defprops.def' 
are _no_ "Display.Format" entries, so every game must default
to NTSC. But I don't see the point where that is changed later. Maybe 
all of that stuff is obsolete, and I'm totally on the wrong spot here?
> But to make it possible for StellaX to find the
> file, you have to put it in it's working directory, which
> usually is the directory where the executable is located.
> Also you might have to know the MD5 checksum for your binary
> to be able to create a propper enty for your game.

Actually I'm not creating an entry for my game, but porting
that thing to DirectX 8 :-) That MD5 stuff will be the first thing I'll
try to get rid off, when I understand more of what I'm doing...
I'm attempting to share the CRCs from Z26 instead, in order
to have the auto-detection always uptodate.


BTW: Could you imagine something like a class, that would
load and identify a BIN and holding all it's information. That
class could be the same in StellaX and Z26.

Something with stuff like:



Class Binary
     unsigned char* m_Image;
     int size;
     int startX;
     int startY;
     int width;
     int height;
     bool pitfall2;
     bool koolaideman;

     int leftControler;
     int rightControler;
     int cartridgeType;

     void loadImage(const char* name);
     unsigned char* getImage () {return m_Image;}

     void resetToDefaults();

Would something like this be possible, or would this be too C++ to be 
accessed properly by Z26s ASM core?

And what about handling SC games with that object?

I'm gonna do something like that anyway, I just thought how 
usable/valuable for Z26 something like that would be, too.

Besides it'd be good for my emulator, because I never again have
to care about uptodating the identification  :-)


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