Re: [stella] copy protect idea

Subject: Re: [stella] copy protect idea
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:30:34 +0100
Glenn wrote:
> You'd have a special kind of memory mapper inside the cartridge.  Let's say 
> it broke the 4K of address space down into 4 slices of 1K or 16 256 byte 
> pages.  Let's say it did something useful like 16K of bankswitching in 
> addition to its special functions so it wasn't just a copy protector.
> Okay, what it's really designed to do is shuffle the physical layout of 
> memory around in a randomized way during game execution.
> snip

That sure sounds like an interesting idea. But it reqiures additional hardware inside the cart. So who will produce that? And if the hardware is public know, somebody will be able to clone it quite soon. 

For now, you could also just use a different bankswitching algorithm (e.g. Parker, TigerVision), because nobody seems to be able to make boards for copies of Lord of the Rings.

Software copy protection is much easier to realize (for me) and if you do it with some innovative and yet unknown ideas, it will become very hard (not impossible, I know) to break that.

Have fun!
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