Re: [stella] copy protect idea

Subject: Re: [stella] copy protect idea
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 10:01:30 +0100
At 02.02.2002, 04:33, Mark De Smet wrote:

>> For now, you could also just use a different bankswitching algorithm
>> (e.g. Parker, TigerVision), because nobody seems to be able to make
>> boards for copies of Lord of the Rings.

> Simpler yet, just make up your own bank switching, and implement it in a
> programmable logic device.  This way anyone who takes the cart apart
> cannot figure out what logic is implemented.  A potential dumper would
> have to download the direct 4k, then dissasemble to figure out.  I am
> skeptical that anyone would go to this much work, especially as it would
> be a heck of a lot of work to re-write to use a different bankswitch
> method to be able to run on an emulator anyway.

IIRC, there are two things Manuel wants:
1. protect your games against simple graphic hacks
2. allow people to play your game on an emulator but not on the real
thing without a cart (no SuperCharger or Cuttle Cart)

So, with a special bankswitching algorithm, you need support from the
emulator programmers. And there is no hacking protection too.

> I guess I missed it, but why are we on this thread anyway?  I have never
> found the binaries of a home-brew game anyway.(games that were only
> released in cart form).  For instance merlins walls.  I think everyone who
> purchases a home brew respects the author enought not to download and
> distribute.

Unfortunately that's not true for Merlins Walls. There binary is already
floating around the web.

BTW: What about a hacking contest? We could use an existing 4K homebrew
(source available) which has some bytes of RAM and ROM free.

The best protection would be the one that uses a minimum of resources
and gives the maximum of protection. 

Have fun!
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