[stella] Attempted Definitive Combat Dissassembly

Subject: [stella] Attempted Definitive Combat Dissassembly
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 15:50:45 -0800
I intended to completely finish this before posting it,
but my brain is fried on the ChkFire routine.  Meanwhile
I'd like to know I am not wasting synaptic connections
which would be more useful to me if I pointed them
toward the Super Bowl.

This is a nearly complete disassembly of Combat.  By
"complete" I mean there are no "gee I wonder what this
does" comments.  I have filled in a lot of the gaps and
there are just a few more to go.

I think there is a sense that NBCOMBAT is "good enough"
because the interesting tricks are to be found in later, more
advanced games; but I'm interesed in going back in time
and looking at how this very first home video game ever
written was written.  That's an historical perspective rather
than a technical one.  Besides, as I've found out, there are
some interesting tricks in Combat.  You just have to look
for them.

All comments, etc. and especially help with the few
unfinished sections (you can recognize them because I
haven't renamed teh Lxxxx and Bxxxx labels) will be
most appreciated.

--Roger Williams

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