Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection

Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 00:40:58 +0100
Hi Chad!

>One problem I see is the lack of advertising.  I 
personally didn't see a 
>lot of press about these games outside of the Stella 
list, which isn't read 
>by much of the classic gaming community at large.  
Compare this to say Qb, 
>which had a lot of advertising in rgvc and sold well.

See, that's a point where we're almost thinking in the 
same lines. And I can assure you, that I spent way more 
of my time/energy for changing that, than for any 
_thoughts_ (How often shall I say that?) I spent about 
this'n'that protection.

>See above out the timing of Jammed.  And if you're 
really looking for just 
>for $5.00 commission, why not use the Cuttle Cart to 
your advantage and 
>just sell the ROM for $5.00, kind of like shareware.  

Hm... people not wanting to spend 16$ for a real 
cartridge would spend 5$ for receiving _nothing_ 

>>So be the Cuttle Cart the homebrew to end all other
>>homebrews and Chad being the only one to get some $$
>>back for his (admittedly) hard work?

>If that was my intention, I would simply give people a 
patch to allow them 
>to play Gunfight.  I'm not working against you Manuel.  
I don't distribute 
>ROMs and I've never done anything to help people obtain 
or play your games.


>I personally do not like your policy.  I think it's 
very silly to release 
>the ROM for play on emulators or for burning onto 
carts, but not for play 
>on the Cuttle Cart / Supercharger.  If you want people 
to buy to play, use 
>the Ebivision model that you only sell the game and 
it's not freely 
>available to anyone.  Singling out one sector shows a 
personal bias against 
>that sector (and those products) in my opinion.

I think my wish that people wanting to play my game on 
real hardware should buy a real cartridge isn't that bad 
a policy.

>I'm also very annoyed about Gunfight because I had been 
told by you that 
>you would remove the anti-Cuttle Cart code before 
releasing the ROM.  Then 
>I start getting all these "Gunfight doesn't work" 
complaints.  So much for 
>removing it eh?

To quote myself on that particular message, I said: 

"The more I'm thinking about it, the more I think about 
fixing that code." 

Which actually is not quite the same as "I'm removing 
that code for sure."

Apart from that, the BIN _was_ already released by then, 
even on Atari Age. So much about timing...

>>Think Ebivision or other guys doing "homebrews". From
>>Ebivison games you don't even see a screenshot, before
>>you buy them...

>True, but they also don't come to the public community 
for assistance in 
>developing and play testing their games.

You are saying that I'm taking more from [Stella] than 


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