Re: [stella] Distella/Maze Craze problem

Subject: Re: [stella] Distella/Maze Craze problem
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:15:16 +0100
Hi Paul!

>Sorry for the barrage of questions lately, but this is 
my one semester off 
>when I'll have time to work on Atari projects.  :o)
>I'm working on disassembling the Maze Craze kernal, but 
when I use 
>distella, I get a 688k file.  It's too big to open it 
in my editor.  I 
>looked at it with a binary editor, and it seems to be 
putting very long 
>rows of spaces on some lines.  Do you guys have the 
same problem?

I've discovered similar things before, I think Spiderman 
is creating a ~2MB mess, too.

Which Editor are you using? 
Both Ultraedit & Textpad, even M$ Wordpad can handle 
these files.

I just dissassembled MC and replaced all '     ' with '' 
for you.

Say, since I'm planning to port Sword Of Fargoal after 
I'm done with Star Fire, I'm very interested in the 
inner workings of Maze Craze, too. So, once you're done 
with it, could you eventually post your findings, if 
they resulted in a (even partial) reverse-engineering?


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