Re: [stella] Atari 2600 Game Publisher

Subject: Re: [stella] Atari 2600 Game Publisher
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 13:53:57 +0100
At 16.02.2002, 09:31, Junies Creations wrote:
> Hello, my name is "Junie" - Tom Cosby JR. and I am a fellow Atarian.
> This is my first post on the StellaList, I post frequently at the
> AtariAge 2600 message board.

Hi Junie,
welcome on the board!

> I have seen the current methods that are available to Atari 2600 game
> authors and couldn't believe it. Simple cheap Inkjet Game Labels,
> usually reused game PCB's, and maybe a simple little black and white
> Instruction Manual.

The main reason for that might be, that most of as (including me) are
more programmers than collectors and therefore didn't care much about the

But I've learned my lessons during the last months. :-)

> I have seen some truly great new Homebrewed games, Marc Oberhäuser for
> instance and Combat 2.

Combat 2 isn't what I would call a "homebrewed game". It's a prototype
from the original period.

> It's true we have not published our first game, but why not be the
> first and go down in the history of our publishing services as the
> first Atari 2600 game author who was brave enough to say you had
> enough of the simple incomplete services and wanted something more?

Perhaps I would do so with my next game (if it will ever exist). But
there is one thing, that makes Randy unique for me:

After I've send him the binary, the manual and a label, he does all the
work and takes all(!) the risk. So, all I have to do, is to wait for my
royalties cheque. :-)

Only, if you can offer that service too, I might change my mind.

Anyway, good luck. Competition can't be bad.

Have fun!
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