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Subject: [stella] Atari 2600 Game Publisher
From: "Junies Creations" <junies_c@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:31:51 -0500
It has been suggested to me that I should post a response to the StellaList about my Atari 2600 game publishing services to let all the Homebrewed game authors know about them.

If you are a game author and are looking for a more complete service than you yourself or Hozer can offer, than read on.

If you are looking for commercial Color Laser-- Game Labels, Instruction Manuals layout and cut to size in the Atari white style manuals (MS. Pac-Man), or original Atari Game Boxes.

If you are wanting professional Offset printed materials (Game Labels, Manuals, Box Labels).

If you want your Game Labels or Instruction Manuals designed and laid-out by qualified fellow Atarians.

If you want a company to sell your new games by selling online, at flea-markets, lining store shelves with your new game, at all the classic gaming expo's and conventions (PhillyClassic, CincinnatiClassic, CGE (Classic Gaming Expo), and more), and other various ways.

If you want your game created to the completeness of an original Atari 2600 game, I do mean everything, Game Manuals, Game Boxes, shrink-wrapped, and even more, ready to be sold at the store. It doesn't have to be a partially created game anymore (Simple Game Cart and maybe a cheap Manual).

If you simply want a much better way for your games to be made and/or sold I have the solution!

Hello, my name is "Junie" - Tom Cosby JR. and I am a fellow Atarian. This is my first post on the StellaList, I post frequently at the AtariAge 2600 message board.

I have seen the current methods that are available to Atari 2600 game authors and couldn't believe it. Simple cheap Inkjet Game Labels, usually reused game PCB's, and maybe a simple little black and white Instruction Manual. 

I have seen some truly great new Homebrewed games, Marc Oberhäuser for instance and Combat 2.

With all the time and hard effort that you Atari 2600 game authors put into designing and creating your games I am embarrassed by the fact that most of you didn't have the services available to showcase your games like they should be, a great achievement.

I decided to do something to change that, a way to get your game created like they should be, and not have to simply settle on a simple Inkjet label and such anymore.

Instead of simply trying to learn everything to create them myself (Which I have learned, mostly the basics) I decided to get experienced people who have been doing it for years to join my team. Currently there are 11 of your fellow Atarians who have joined together to try and bring you publishing services worthy of your great game.

Why only have one person do everything when so many more people bring so much more experience and dedication to everything? As they say "2 heads are better than 1", and we have 11 heads.

As mentioned, there are 11 fellow Atarians that are part of my Atari 2600 game publishing team, counting me. Everyone besides myself and my wife, do one specific part of the game publishing. Other Atarians and people will join my team when they are needed, I plan to have even more Atarians for specific publishing services in the future. I imagine you have seen many of them at the AtariAge message boards, here at the StellaList, various Newsgroups, or at the Classic Gaming Expo's and Conventions.

Some of the fellow Atarians that make up the team are people who supply the brand new commercially manufactured Homebrewed PCB's, program the EPROM's with your game, design images for your Game Labels and Instruction Manuals, and much more.

If you simply want to get Game Labels created or buy PCB's-- Or want your game created completely and maybe even sold by us come give us a try. You decide how far you want your game published, if you simply want one service or everything.

It's true we have not published our first game, but why not be the first and go down in the history of our publishing services as the first Atari 2600 game author who was brave enough to say you had enough of the simple incomplete services and wanted something more?

At my website, home of our Atari 2600 publishing services, you can read more about each individual part of our services and even find out who actually does it. If you have any suggestions about anything, our current services, something you think should be changed, or anything else just let me know-- everything is up to discussion and I do listen. We want to provide and tailor you with the services you want, not just what we offer.

I have many more ideas any ways to improve our services and will in time, if you simply give up a chance. This includes offering the same complete publishing services to other Atari systems including the Atari 5200 and Atari 7800.

I will continually update and improve our services as our publishing services grow, and make many things more accessible and possiable to game authors. This includes our vigilant and continuing efforts to get brand new game cases created. This will allow for everyone to choose their game case style, many new styles will be created. Also it will allow you for the first time to use brand new game cases made specifically for your gamer, no more sacrificing the common games for their game cases.

I have many ideas and plans to help make the Atari Community even more enjoyable for the collectors, game authors, and of course the game players.

You can visit our Atari 2600 publishing services, called Junies Creations, by visiting my website at http://embark.to/juniescreations or by going to it directly at  http://jove.prohosting.com/~junies/atari/

I salute those who continue to bring their efforts to the Atari Community, including Randy at Hozer Video. I in no way am trying to belittle or put anyone down, I am simply trying to let everyone know of the services that many of your fellow Atarians have joined together to bring to you.

As they say friendly competition brings you lower prices and better services.

-- Best Regards,

"Junie" - Tom Cosby JR.
Owner/Founder/President - Fellow Atarian

Junies Creations
An Atari 2600 Publishing Company
Wanting to get your Atari 2600 games created? Want to buy "Homebrewed" or other Atari 2600 Games?
Visit us at: http://embark.to/juniescreations

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