Re: [stella] Y adapter chart

Subject: Re: [stella] Y adapter chart
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 09:11:36 +0100
Glenn wrote:
> >Looks correct to me. Very cool!
> >When people have bought your game with Y-adapter, there will be some more 
> >controller hacks to be done.  ;-)
> Yeah, you've got to restore 2P mode in Asteroids_DC, for instance. 

You still can play with two players, but they have to share the same controllers. Or one has to play with the joystick and the other with the driving controllers.

>  Really, you should think about making Asteroids into a 16K game and adding in 
> Blasteroids-like elements, as Blasteroids used a spinner.

That's a bit more than a hack, I'd say. :-)

> >BTW: What about the fire buttons, will both be connected?
> Wouldn't that cause problems?  I'm thinking the safe bet would be to only 
> pass through the driving controller's fire button.

I don't think that that could cause any problems. I see them as two switches who are simply ORed together.

> For further expansion I was thinking maybe up/down on the joystick could map 
> to the booster grip buttons.  Then, in theory, you could have 4 player games 
> which feature two people on driving controllers and two people on joysticks 
> (no fire button).
> There could be a 4-player variation in Death Derby, for instance, which 
> disabled the gear switcher in favor of allowing 2 extra players to manually 
> control the pedestrians.

Cool idea. To bad, I don't have three friends who share our hobby. :-(

> >And why don't you connect the left and right directions too (technical 
> >problems?)? Then you could play all other games too, without removing the 
> >adapter.
> I don't know what damage might come from that.

Shouldn't cause any damage too. 

But I bet, there are some hardware freaks around, who will know that more exactly.

Have fun!
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