Re: [stella] Y adapter chart

Subject: Re: [stella] Y adapter chart
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:09:13 -0800
Looks correct to me. Very cool!
When people have bought your game with Y-adapter, there will be some more controller hacks to be done. ;-)

Yeah, you've got to restore 2P mode in Asteroids_DC, for instance. Really, you should think about making Asteroids into a 16K game and adding in Blasteroids-like elements, as Blasteroids used a spinner.

This weekend I can't wait to try out Sprintmaster_DC on the Cuttle Cart.

BTW: What about the fire buttons, will both be connected?

Wouldn't that cause problems? I'm thinking the safe bet would be to only pass through the driving controller's fire button.

For further expansion I was thinking maybe up/down on the joystick could map to the booster grip buttons. Then, in theory, you could have 4 player games which feature two people on driving controllers and two people on joysticks (no fire button).

There could be a 4-player variation in Death Derby, for instance, which disabled the gear switcher in favor of allowing 2 extra players to manually control the pedestrians.

There are a lot of possible combinations when you use all the controller lines at once. There are enough signals that you could have a 4 player joystick game that featured only left-right movement and fire.

I'm especially interested in being able to get an extra button for each paddle. Given the 1D nature of the paddle, you really need that 2nd button to allow for a more varied control scheme for paddle games. And if you chopped off the other end of the paddle (2P only at that point) you could add a 3rd button (ala Booster grip).

And why don't you connect the left and right directions too (technical problems?)? Then you could play all other games too, without removing the adapter.

I don't know what damage might come from that. But like I said, it would be better to exploit the paddle lines for two more independent signals if those pins are to be used.

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