[stella] Death Derby Y cable

Subject: [stella] Death Derby Y cable
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 15:19:53 -0800
Over the weekend I successfully created a prototype Death Derby Y adapter. I decided to give it a shot on my own since it seemed so simple.

I did it all solderless by wrapping the wires around crimp-on connectors with DB9 plugs I picked up at Radio Shack and taping it up with electrical tape. I couldn't put a hood on the DB9 that hooks up to the VCS because I'm using a 7800 and there isn't enough clearance. The two ends that hook up to the joystick and the driving controller do have hoods. It's ugly as all hell with varying length wires, but it seems to work okay.

I could not simultaneously wire the fire buttons. I don't know why, but it caused some kind of short in the 7800 doing so. So I am leaving that line disconnected on the joystick end.

I also did not attach the pot lines to the joystick because I don't know if any other electronics are necessary to simulate the booster grip (resistors, capacitors, etc...).

I'll update the DD homepage with a description of the wiring, but if I can do it, then anyone should be able to do it. I decided to remap the left-right pins to the up-down pins on the joystick so that the forward-reverse shift motion will be up-down which is more intuitive.

I'll be trying to get some kind of working code going to test the adapter within DD. If anyone else wants to write some generic controller test code, that would be really useful, especially if it also polls for booster grip buttons.

If anyone out there is planning to test the DD code in upcoming builds, you will have to build these or order some one-offs from Junie's Creations.

It would also be great if the emulators were updated to allow this, otherwise the only way to go in reverse will be on a real 2600.

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