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Subject: Re: [stella] ideas..
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 16:08:10 +0200
Ben wrote:
> My first idea involves sort of a combat remake, except
> have the board rotate around the tank.  Not sure how
> good this would look, though, assuming playfield
> graphics were actually used for the playfield...

Hm, with the limited resolution of the playfield, I think that would look even worse than the rotated tanks in Combat.

> My second idea is for a platform Super-Mario-type
> game, using the same scrolling effect that Thomas used
> in Thrust.  Maybe even recycling some of that kernel
> (?). :)  

I don't think my kernel is suitable, because it can only display one hole in the playfield per line. That's not very suitable for a plattform game. But the scrolling algorithm idea should be adaptable to a lot of other games.

> Kind of grandiose, I know...but not as
> grandiose as my third idea, which is for an RPG a la
> Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy.  Using a smart
> flicker algorithm, it should be possible to have 8
> player objects on-screen at once (right?), which would
> be enough for enemies and the hero.  

With (intelligent or not) flicker, the number of enemies is only unlimited by the RAM to store their positions, the available CPU time outside the kernel *and* the tolerance level of the huming beeing having to play the game. ;-) 

Inteligent flicker algorithms only help not to stress this tolerance to much.

Have fun!
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