Re: Cool! Re: [stella] Inspired by Roger

Subject: Re: Cool! Re: [stella] Inspired by Roger
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 17:48:41 +0200
Hi Roger!

>Hey, it's great!  Usually I have to write my OWN code!
>Seriously, I was going through a lot of unnecessary 
>to do the once-through swap pass and the kernal at
>the same time, so you've helped me a great deal.


Today I already managed to fix some bugs, so I've a new 
source ready.

Changes are:

-I turned both the FlickerSort and it's access upside 
down to even speed everything up.

-I fixed some very nasty bug, where I was actually 
subtracting a more or less random size instead of the 
real one, which again greatly reduces the flicker.

- I found the bug that made me produce these vertical 
vibrations, All objects are now stable, as well as the 
number of scannlines drawn.

ToDo: I've yet to find the bug Thomas spotted a while 
ago , where certain objects just disappear sometimes. 
You won't notice that with the demo in motion.

I hope to have a generic multi-engine ready soon, so 
that others can try basing their work on it, as a 
template for game projects.


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