Re: OFF TOPIC: Re: [stella] help! distella -> dasm case sensitivity

Subject: Re: OFF TOPIC: Re: [stella] help! distella -> dasm case sensitivity
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 17:31:34 +0200
Ruffin Bailey wrote:
> Honestly though, Hungarian notation (or another convention that keeps
> variable type and variable scope in variable names, like "gs_foo" for a 
> global string) makes even commentless code so much easier to follow I 
> can't see why anyone *wouldn't* use it in Java, C, VB, C#, etc.  When I 
> have to update legacy code or work on a team at work, I'd say I get up 
> to speed on large sub/functs/methods twice as quickly when Hungarian 
> notation (or something equal) is used.

I have to agree with this 100%. In my job, I often have to dig into
foreign (sometimes completely undocumented) code. And it's by far easier
to read and understand what is going on with Hungarian notation.
Especially when scope prefixes (e.g. m_, g_) are missing it is getting
very hard.

> But I certainly agree that for the 6507, calling $88 "bytFoo" is pretty 
> silly.

100% agreed again. But I'm still trying to follow some conventions:
- CONSTANTS are all upper case
- ROM table labels begin with an upper case letter
- RAM addresses start with a lower case letter
- and of course, I'm using mixed case :-)

And I'm using some nice DASM features:
- subroutines use the SUBROUTINE keyword
- local jump labels are prefixed with "."

I guess, I should stay away from CGE forever now. ;-)

Have fun!
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