Re: OFF TOPIC: Re: [stella] help! distella -> dasm casesensitivity

Subject: Re: OFF TOPIC: Re: [stella] help! distella -> dasm casesensitivity
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 20:37:22 +0200
At 17:31 +0200 4-05-2002, Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

>I have to agree with this 100%. In my job, I often have to dig into
>foreign (sometimes completely undocumented) code. And it's by far easier
>to read and understand what is going on with Hungarian notation.

This isn't so obvius, at least when we're talking about "true"
object-oriented languages like Java.
See what Bruce "Thinking in Java" Eckel writes about this in his book:

<<Don't create your own 'decorated' private data member names. This is
usually seen in the form of prepended underscores and characters. Hungarian
notation is the worst example of this, where you attach extra characters
that indicate data type, use, location, etc., as if you were writing
assembly language and the compiler provided no extra assistance at all.
These notations are confusing, difficult to read, and unpleasant to enforce
and maintain. Let classes and packages do the name scoping for you.>>


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