Re: [stella] 4K ROM PCB group purchase?

Subject: Re: [stella] 4K ROM PCB group purchase?
From: Joe Grand <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 23:08:54 -0400
Billy, thanks for the plug :)

A picture of the board is up at my website, which some of you know:

In quantity, the boards get cheaper, which is why Billy sent this mail.. Obviously, if you go in on the group order, the prices for the smaller quantites per person are less (and aren't based on what you see below).. The more the merrier? :)

Just so people know, you can order from me at any time, as I usually have small quantities in stock and I can get more within 2- to 4-weeks. Large group orders are good, though, since it ends up being cheaper in the long run and more people get more boards at less money. Wow. If that didn't sound like some corporate sleaze, I don't know what does!


At 06:49 PM 05/09/2002 -0500, Billy Eno wrote:
Does anyone want to go in with me on an order of Joe Grand's 4K ROM PCBs?
They are the ones that take the old 2732s and a 7404 inverter.  I want to
get about 200 or so.  I have made nearly 100 carts with them and they work

Don't worry, I already talked to Joe about it and he doesn't mind that I am
soliciting for a group order.

This is his pricing:
1 - 24 @ $5 each
25 - 49 @ $4 each
50 - 99 @ $3.50 each
100 - 249 @ $3 each
250 - 499 @ $2 each
500 + @ $1.25 each


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