Re: [stella] Hello, and.. my game

Subject: Re: [stella] Hello, and.. my game
From: "The Gonz" <gonzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 00:12:03 -0400
Very nice work, and fun too! 

Reading your story gives inspiration to anyone who is struggling to tame the beast that is the 2600 :)

Can't wait to play the finished game.


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On 6/6/2002 at 12:45 AM Fabrizio Zavagli \(home\) wrote:

>Hello everyone!
>I've subscribed to the Stella list for a few weeks now, but still had to
>introduce myself.
>For short, I'm a 28 y.o. Italian who goes by the nick of "Rasty" on the
>AtariAge boards.
>Having found some spare time on my hand lately because of some illness, and
>also thanks to the inspiration and motivation I've got from all of you 2600
>coders, I've finally got it to starting coding on the 2600 some weeks ago.
>Thanks to the great samples, code snippets and hints that I've been able to
>retrieve from The Dig and of course the Stella Archives, and to an
>unexpected burst of patience on my side, I've found it that I was
>progressing quite nicely and so, to make a long story short, I've made the
>step and from some tech demos I've put together, I've starting working on a
>I'm no 6502 wizard, in fact this is my first "big" 6502 project. In fact I
>had several troubles with the asm itself to start with, but practice makes
>perfect or, in my case, at least slightly better :)
>I've been waiting to release a demo until it contained some gameplay and
>I believe it got to a status where it should at least give an idea of my
>game concept (that of course is evolving as I add to the game).
>The object of the game is relatively simple: you're controlling a ship in a
>crowded space. At first, your ship will be docked to its base on the lower
>part of the screen. Position it with left/right and move up to release the
>ship. At this point you'll have to dodge the moving objects (rocks, ships,
>and so on) and get to the top of the screen. Once there, you'll have to get
>into a hole and catch the tasty treat (food) that lies there.
>Got the food (warning: it'll change into an enemy), you'll have to get back
>to the base and connect in order to advance to the next level (currently
>3 levels in, after that you'll get back to level 1 for now).
>And that's what's currently in. I'm still lacking counters
>(score/lives/level..), intro screen, intra-level screens, and sound (as
>usual :)). I'll hopefully be adding a "fuel" indicator also, to serve as a
>timer and that will slow the ship down when it's low.
>Well, enough for the game description.
>Technically speaking, I've started building on the "How to Draw A
>demo by Nick Bensema, even though very little's left from it :)
>I've taken something from some code snippets posted on the stella list
>most notably the X positioning routine by Andrew Dawie and the stick
>one... Well I was working on bulding some myself, but once I saw good,
>working ones... couldn't resist :)
>Modified both, though. Will work on these more in the future.
>The kernel is something I pretty like. Of course it's nothing
>but I'm glad I got it without the artefacts that I thought I'd get being
>this my first production.
>Testing has been done on several emulators and a CuttleCart.
>The game is currently NTSC (both lines and colors).
>Ok sorry for the huge message, hope you've been able to at least partially
>read it or try my little WIP game.. That, by the way, I was thinking about
>calling "Space Treat", but I'd love getting suggestions about the name (and
>about the game itself)!!
>Again, thanks to everyone's kindness for sharing their sources and
>knowledge. I'm attaching my source also, but it's quite a mess and I doubt
>it will be useful to anyone :)
>Fianlly, thanks to Thomas who's been very inspiring for me :)
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