Re: [stella] thanks!

Subject: Re: [stella] thanks!
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 11:53:35 -0500

Hrm....I thought this was only me.  I had used -r100, using Paul's
"Roboto" version (it's far beyond any simple 'hack') of Berserk
to guess at the speed, since all my real 2600 hardware is on campus.
Paul, did you use a reall 2600 to set the fake frame rate for z26?
Or did you just guess at it?

I originally guessed at it based on gameplay and also had it set at 100. But if you run Pitfall and use a watch against the game timer, I think you'll find that 120 is the best setting.

BTW...I didn't say this earlier, but this rocks!  (literally)
I mean...I often whistle or hum along with Pitfall II, but this
is the first I've ever caught my self headbanging to a 2600.  Great job!

Thanks! Glad you like it. :o) If anyone wants to use my music driver, just let me know. It takes a lot of ROM space for the music data (pretty much requires a bankswitched cart), but uses very few cycles and only two bytes of persistent memory. And if you have some basic music training or experience, it should be pretty easy to write your own music for it.


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