[stella] the joy of 6502 assembly

Subject: [stella] the joy of 6502 assembly
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 22 Jun 2002 19:33:17 -0000
Hi there...
Please let me know if I'm breaching etiquette with a number of 
newbie posts...

Just some observations, mostly about "The Dig"...
Does anyone think it would be worthwhile to try to do a localized
version of "The Dig", that is with no offsite links, all selfcontained
and easily mirror-able?  Getting people's permissions might be an 
issue, as might disk space (I can offer some hosting space if it 
came to that, though it seems that most of these files are pretty

Second is, and this might reflect the background of a lot of people
drawn to 2600 programming, I think there's a relative lack of 6502-
specific stuff on the site, just the reference cards, not very 
informative for a newbie.  (I suspect a lot of people here have 
a richer background in assembly language than I do.)  Googling about,
I found "Assembly in One Step", and then doing a bit of biglist
searching (interestingly, you can't search on "6502"...maybe words
only?) I saw that other people had found that too.

I think that issue shows up a bit in "How to Draw a Playfield", *very*
helpful with all the TIA specific stuff, but if you don't know 
your LDA and BNE from a hole in the ground, you're in for a world of 

So just two little suggestions...and I generally try to avoid to
give suggestions without being willing to put in at least some of 
the gruntwork, so let me know if I can help with any of that.

BTW, I *love* the look the dig, the Atari Force stuff is used really

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