RE: [stella] Hi, and typical newbie shtick

Subject: RE: [stella] Hi, and typical newbie shtick
From: "Garon Grainger" <garon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 01:17:22 -0400
> I found a copy of DASM 2.12 (why are so many "dig" links busted?)

I haven't updated the site since February, and no one bothers to report
dead links. Bob Colbert's site moved since my last update. I appreciated
your email about Bob's site move. Have you found other links that need

>And I've noticed that a lot of the Dig's Bin's don't work at all
>on some emulators, like Cracker's "another"...

I use to have a disclaimer of sorts but took it down. People use the
Stella List to have others beta test code, a lot of posted code doesn't
work and is posted so that others can look at it and give suggestions
for improvement or to help find bugs. I put up everything. I probably
shouldn't but if you follow the linked message threads, beside every
source or bin, you should generally find solutions. In many ways I think
this is a help to the new user. It allows one to follow the discussion,
watch the optimization, and see the bugs when they are found.... 

Your right some code works on some emulators and not others. I use to
have icons for each emulator showing which code worked with what
emulator. When I switched to a database format for the source and
binaries pages this was too cumbersome. I also had to test everything
which became to overwhelming. Perhaps you should look at Nick's
Home-Brewed Projects page, or stick to the final versions of games on
the binaries page, the source page (mainly demos are not guaranteed to

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