Re: [stella] Counters layout

Subject: Re: [stella] Counters layout
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:50:18 -0400
On Tuesday 25 June 2002 03:59 pm, Fabrzio Zavagli wrote:
> I'm currently going to add counters (lives and level) on the bottom of the
> screen in Space Treat
> [snip]
> The first uses (should use) player graphics to display remaining lives, on
> the bottom left. That leaves me with one more player sprite that marks
> level by representing the current fruit, a-la pacman, on the far right.
> In the second screenshot, missile graphics display remaining ships, so I'm
> left with 2 sprites to display the level number.

I prefer the solid blocks (though striped) for the lives counter and the 
fruit/prize for the level.  That's the right half of the first and the left 
half of the second.  :)

You could forego showing the current level at all.  It's implied by the fruit 
at the top of the screen, unless you plan on having several different fruits 
within a level, or repeating them after a while.  Since you said you would 
also show the level number at the start of the level, it's probably not 
necessary to also show it during gameplay.  This would leave you another 
sprite to show up to three more lives, for a total of six.

If you get short on screen space or want to add another row, you 
could use methods such as in Yars' Revenge, in which the score and lives are 
shown only after losing a life, or in Berzerk, in which the score is changed 
to a life display once you leave a room.
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