Re: [stella] Crazy idea

Subject: Re: [stella] Crazy idea
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 26 Jun 2002 00:25:01 -0000
> The Ghost going after Pac-Man
> The Dragon trying to catch the hero
> The Bat trying to mess things up for the hero
> A Ghost being chased by four Pac-Mans.
> So, which one I should do?

Well, these are some very interesting concepts, you have to 
think of what the gameplay is gonna be like, what's gonna 
be fun about it, how you're going to measure success, etc.
How would scenario 4 be different from Pac Man?  How would
the Dragon fight the man, and be interesting?

The idea of playing the bad guy is kind of cool, and you
should think about other ways of doing what if
you took the Dragon graphic from Adventure, but the goal was 
to eat as many square looking villagers as possible, and 
maybe they fight back?  It might be a richer game than something
tighter to the original Adventure.

But one thing to keep in mind, and I say this as a fellow 
newbie: baby steps, man.  I'm fortunate in the few game ideas
that I have are all "relatively" straightforward on the 2600,
and shouldn't need complex backgrounds or lots of sprites to 

That said...(and this is a little off topic, and arguably
just a plug for some somewhat offtopic stuff I've done:)
Sometimes you can make some cool minimal games.  Using 
javascript, I've made some games where the only input
and the only display is on a plain old gray pushbutton:

50 Yard Dash:
Happy Eater:

(hrrm, maybe I shoulda put 'em on a single page...
 oh well! Also, see non-interactive "swerve",
"1D Pong", "newton's cradle", and "fishtank" at )

"If people were going to use computers all day, everyday, the design of 
 such machines was not solely a technical problem-- it was also an 
 aesthetic one. *A lousy interface would mean a lousy life.*"--M.Krueger

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