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Subject: Re: [stella] ... [overlays]
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 26 Jun 2002 15:55:18 -0000
Ouch...I have a while to go before I understand what Andrew Davie
said.  (and that much further before I should try adding it to my
tutorial) It seems you can get a bit done just by assigning a few
name/memory locations at the top, ala "how to build a playfield"...
obviously, as memory needs increase, so do requirements to understand
overlays and when you need to get into paging, and how many pages
there are.

Actually, is the idea of overlays that you can use one 16 bit location
for multiple smaller variables? (1 bit flags,  8 bit small values, etc)

Any doc recomendations? Also, anything that talks about the 
ORG syntax, and where and how to stick graphics. (More specific 
question: in Nick's "how to draw", the 

  org $F000

at the top and the 
        org $FFFC
        .word Start
        .word Start
at the bottom

"I dunno, isn't there a drink that uses a egg? Like a 'gin & egg'?"

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