Re: [stella] thin red line moves into 2600 101

Subject: Re: [stella] thin red line moves into 2600 101
From: "Charles Mullins" <charlesm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 21:57:18 -0700
Overall a great introduction. I offer the following minor corrections.

"each being a squre" -> "each being a square"
"(The other one I got my own)." -> "(The other one I got on my own)."
"represents that things Horizontal Speed." -> "represents that thing's
Horizontal Speed."
"you don't get to scared" -> "you don't get too scared"
"it make a noticeable delay" -> "it makes a noticeable delay"
"handwaving I've beendoing" -> "handwaving I've been doing"
"bit "D1" of VSYNC needs to" -> "bit "D1" of VSYNC needs to be"
"bits are numbedered from" -> "bits are numbered from"
"no matter whant Nick" -> "no matter what Nick"
"put in a -1 in the left byte..." -> "put in a -1 in the left nibble..."
"it's the left byte that metters," -> "it's the left nibble that matters,"
"-1 in the left byte, who cares" -> "-1 in the left nibble, who cares"
"for godawful reasons," -> "for god awful reasons,"
"Whoo! Now," -> "Whew!, Now,"
"WSYNC has to immediately prevede" -> "WSYNC has to immediately precede"

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Subject: [stella] thin red line moves into 2600 101

> I added a new page to 2600 101:
> Now, I have to admit I've done something rude:
> I've solicited comments on the previous section, but have
> incorporated the good advice I got into the them...yet.
> I will.  But I'm going to blunder on anyway, and ask people
> to do some technical reading of what i wrote and see if it
> particular, the section of code comments
> starting "So why does the command do that" might be
> too much handwaving about the zero page and why there's no
> syntax...
> (Also, I rejiggered some WSYNCs and what not, I think this demo
> sacrifices a few scanlines that it doesn't have to)
> Oy, this page roughly catches my guide up to what I have
> hands on experience with!  Next step I should really start
> doing more with atari complexities (like, missiles that know
> when to be turned off! and reading joysticks, and making
> sprites) and then start writing.
> --
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>  knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without
>  having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can
>  tell, possibly. It doesn't frighten me."   --Richard Feynman
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