[stella] Marble Craze v0.90

Subject: [stella] Marble Craze v0.90
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 02:34:02 -0500
Well here's the latest version of Marble Craze. It's very close to being finished except for designing the levels and music. Currently there are two playable levels. If you have a Cuttle Cart and a set of paddles (or two) then please try it out. I'd love to get some feedback. Hope you like it! :o)

The data structure for the levels is pretty flexible and will allow for some pretty interesting levels. I tried to illustrate this with the two levels I've put together so far. I'm planning on including about 20-25 levels. Note that the first level in this version is a bit harder than the real first level will be.

Use a set of two paddles for each player. One paddle controls the horizontal movement and the other controls vertical. You will see two bars along the side of the screen show how hard you're pushing the marble.

On the title screen, use the left player's horizontal paddle and button to change options and start the game. Game Reset will also start the game.

During the game, Game Select will return to the title screen.

Player 1 uses the left side of the screen and player 2 uses the right side. If only 1 player is playing, the unused screen will display patterns.

You start with three lives. If you fall off or run out of time, you lose a life. When you run out of time, if you have any lives left, you'll get another 15 seconds to attempt to complete the level.

To complete a level, navigate to the finish line. The finish line will be the same color as the area you start in.

Scattered throughout the levels are small white bars called Power Bars. When a power bar is on the screen, below your time display you will see a message suggesting what effect the power bar will have. Power bars can have a variety of effects including extra points, extra time, etc.

Some levels will have walls around the path and will not allow you to fall off. These levels will display the word "WALLS" at the start of the level. On these levels you will bounce off the edges.


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