[stella] ET is Pretty

Subject: [stella] ET is Pretty
From: "Roagie" <roagie@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 21:00:40 -0700
Hey guys (come to think of it, any gals hitting the stella?)

You know when you first fire up ET and there he is... looking rather
detailed for a 2600 graphic and all.

What I am curious about is, how do you guys think howie did it? Playfield,
missile, player, etc???

Here's my guess (reminder: 'tis the guess of a newbie extraordinaire)
It seems to me that you could use the playfield graphics, create nothing but
a solid block for the playfield data, then by enabling and disabling the
PF0, PF1, PF2 reg's you could literally "chisle" away at the block and make
something nice. Of course this would take excellent cycle counting and
whatnot to know when to enable and disable the PF registers as the beam
moved across the screen.

So what do you think? Is my guess in the right direction?

Please respond if you know, or can offer an educated guess as to how ET was


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