RE: [stella] ET is Pretty

Subject: RE: [stella] ET is Pretty
From: Dan Boris <dboris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 20:18:34 -0400
I traced through the execution of the title page using PCAE's debugger
and it's definitly using the players for ET's picture.


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>What I am curious about is, how do you guys think howie did it? 
>Playfield, missile, player, etc???

It's probably player graphics each set to "3 copy" mode and staggered.
can get a 48 pixel wide bitmap this way.  You set it up like this:
the 0's are player0 and the 1's are player1)


>Here's my guess (reminder: 'tis the guess of a newbie extraordinaire) 
>It seems to me that you could use the playfield graphics, create 
>nothing but a solid block for the playfield data, then by enabling and 
>disabling the PF0, PF1, PF2 reg's you could literally "chisle" away at 
>the block and make something nice. Of course this would take excellent 
>cycle counting and whatnot to know when to enable and disable the PF 
>registers as the beam moved across the screen.

I did something similar to what you're talking about on the Marble Craze

title screen:


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