Re: [stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10 Jul 2002 22:01:45 -0000
> The Death Star would be a bit too big and it'd be 
> unrealistic to just shoot it :-)

Oh yeah...
And probably, some hypothetical "expanded universe"
"flotilla of mini-death stars" would just be confusing
(but "Rogue Squadron" did the same things to make 
personal versions of the scout walker)
(and I guess you shouldn't be able to easily shoot
 down a Star Destoyer either, for that matter)

> >Maybe Darth Vaders TIE?
[  snip ascii 8<  ]
> >with the bentin wings
> Would be a good idea, but I was thinking about rather 
> doing 'Slave I'. Maybe. All enemy object data must to 
> fit in a single page, so I'll see how everything works 
> out.

The trouble is, Slave I only makes visual sense from the side...
from the front it's just a big upsidedown teardrop with a whole
cutout for the cockpit, and little wingthings.

How about the "Lambda Class Shuttle"?

something like that anyway...there's even a bit 
of a 2600 precedent with that, in
"ROTJ:Death Star Battle"
> >I'm not very familiar with the original arcade game, 
> >so I don't know if either of these ideas make sense 
> >in context.
> The original arcade game only has Ties and the 
> mothership. The 8-Bit ports (Atari/C64) already 
> introduced the comets.

Yeah, but I don't get the gameplay, esp. what's different
about the mothership, maybe I should seek an emulation.

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