Re: [stella] Another newbie :)

Subject: Re: [stella] Another newbie :)
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 12 Jul 2002 11:53:14 -0000
> I've been playing with Nick Bensema's "How To Draw A Playfield" (thanks,
> btw!) over the last couple of days and started to learn everything I
> can about the internals of the machine, and the usual bunch of tricks
> for getting more out of the hardware than intended.

For the record, I think Nick Bensema is no longer on the group...
(turns out a friend of mine is in sometimes contact with him, 
knows him back from alt.religion.kibology.)

At the risk of being really, really immodest, have you checked out
2600 101 @ ? Frankly I think it's
a better jumping off point, but I'm really biased 'cause I wrote it. 
(For one thing, Nick's old code uses a bunch of Subroutine jumps 
I think real code would try to avoid, and it's not much harder to 
understand to have it all laid out flat, like I do in "thin red line" 
et al. Also because of my personal biases, I think it's cooler to 
start with missiles and players than playfields, and not fool
around with cool color tricks 'til you have your legs under ya...)

Anyway, welcome to the group, on behalf of another newbie-ish
person here. (Wonder how long 'til I won't feel like adding in
that disclaimer.) With a 6502 background, you're ahead of many of 
the newbies here.

Oh, and also for the record: I agree with everything Thomas 
says about vcs.h and vshconst.h. (Of course I do, Thomas is 
my new hero. ;-)

"Your vigor for life appalls me." --Robert Crumb Letters

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