Re: [stella] Megacart, video capture

Subject: Re: [stella] Megacart, video capture
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 11:01:52 -0700
Chris Wilkson wrote:

> You'll note that compared with the RF picture, the composite looks really
> nice, except around the bottom of the ledges.  But the S-video is
> I know why this is happening in my circuit.  I just haven't found a nice,
> cheap way of fixing it yet.  There were a couple of expensive fixes, but I
> wouldn't want to pay for it.

The composite looks good enough for me.  My video card can capture that too.
But I don't mind paying for quality.  This is important.  Do you have
anything you want to publish?  Or are you planning on building them and
selling them?  I'd like two of them right away.  :-)

> A "perfect" chroma signal is a sinewave.  What you're seeing is the peaks
> valleys of the chroma sinewave being added to the luma levels.  What kind
> of monitors are you using?  A C= 1702 will difinitely pick this up.  So
> a 1084s.  :(

I've got a Commodore 1802, and an Amiga 1080.  And you're right, I can see
the vertical bars a little bit, but on the monitors I liked it because it
made the pixels look crisp.  It wasn't annoying.  On my video capture card,
the vertical lines are much worse and they are annoying.


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