Re: vcs.h (was: Re: [stella] redline problem OK...THANKS!!!!)

Subject: Re: vcs.h (was: Re: [stella] redline problem OK...THANKS!!!!)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 02:45:18 +0200
Jeff Johnston wrote:

>> Maybe if people would stop spreading other versions, 
we had way less
>> troubles with stuff like that. (Are you reading me, 
Calamari? :-))

>You know what.. after Thomas recommended changing back 
my equates I
>thought about it and started to change back and learn 
the new equates..
>but after your comment I have now changed my mind.  

>Here you are holding
>me responsible for someone else's mistake.

No, I'm not. Actually what has happened was just a 
perfect example, for why Thomas was asking you to use 
the standard equations.

My intention was to make you aware of this and to 
politely prevent you from posting yet another set of 
equations. Programming the VCS is difficult enough, even 
without spending lots of time of analysing other peoples 
funny names for the TIA registers.

Besides, you should try to find out what " :-) " means.

> That is nonsense! I spit on your glorious standard!

Well, if that is the level on which you're talking to 
other other people, I neither need to waste any more 
time reading your mails nor answering them.


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