Re: [stella] Player Animation Basics Take 1

Subject: Re: [stella] Player Animation Basics Take 1
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:34:31 +0200
Ruffin wrote:
> adc #%00000100
> and #%00111100
> sta p0FrameCount
> Now I've got four draws between frames of animation, which is 
> just about right, and I'm only wasting four bits of the byte.  
> :^)  

Well, actually you need five bits (the 6th bit is changed too) 
and therefore "waste" only three. :-)
But if you write AND #%10111111 (and make sure that the carry 
is allways cleared before ADC), then you can still use the bits 
0,1 and 7 for something else.

> Okay, this would get me back to just one screen draw between 
> animation frames (one frame per screen draw, each frame 
> displayed only 1/60th of a second), correct?  Sorry if I've 
> missed something.

Your are right, that doesn't work. I forgot some ASLs which 
would make the code longer than yours. My fault.

> Okay, except I don't know what #<player0data means.

>From "DASM.doc":
<exp 	take LSB byte of an expression
>exp  take MSB byte of a 16 bit expression

Here the expression is the address of the first table with the 
data of player0, which start at $f308. So #<player0data equals 
#$08, and #>player0data would be equal to #$f3.

Have fun!	

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