Re: [stella] I am back and Atari cases....

Subject: Re: [stella] I am back and Atari cases....
From: Joe Grand<jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:08:13 -0400
Also, to keep people informed about the 2600 cartridge cases I am working on,
the design is complete and they look very cool. It is a 3-piece (front, back,
and bottom insert). No spring loaded sliding door, but the bottom insert helps
keep the dust out and also has the 2 prongs to open the cart connector door on
the system. 

They will support the standard Atari 2600 PCBs (as well as the newer homebrew
ones). As I mentioned before, I'm bringing a few samples to CGE and I'll be at
the AtariAge booth most of the time - probably one in black and one in clear,
but I can make them in any desired color. I'm still thinking $1 to $2 each in
quantity, and a few dollars more in smaller batches, but the price structure
remains to be seen - I obviously want to keep these cheap to encourage more
homebrew development. I just finished cleaning and prepping 20 Pac Man carts
for some SCSIcides for CGE and I am so sick of doing that.. New cases should
make this a lot easier. ;)

There are 2 methods I'm considering for production pieces (cast urethane or
injection mold), and that depends on quantities and interest, but either way
they will be awesome. I'm really psyched about this and it's not "vapor" like
some of the other attempts.. 

I have a lot more to write about this, but I figured I should just respond to
Eduardo's message and let people know that I'm really doing this. You will
have unlimited availablility from me as well as different color options,
quantities, etc.


On Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:36:23 -0300 Eduardo Mello <vgbelloq@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi there!
I was a member for this list a few years ago and 
now I am back... Currently I am working on a classic project non-related to
Atari 2600, but I am still planning to make something some day...
Many people keep asking me about a Brazilian 
company called Patola which still does make VCS cart cases. I am currently 
negotiating with them about ColecoVision cart cases and I have already
a catalog. The catalog shows Atari cases and notes it's for "Atari and
I am not really sure about the Coleco thing (neither they are) but I have 
already seen Atari cases from them. Now they told me they are going to send me

two samples (so maybe there is "Coleco" cases after all). I am still waiting
them and communication hasn't been this great... 
Since I think it would be of interest for many 
here, I will keep all of you informed...
Eduardo Mello

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