Re: [stella] Wolfenstein 5K

Subject: Re: [stella] Wolfenstein 5K
From: Jeff Johnston <jeffryj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 20:44:47 -0700 (MST)
> Still...makes ya wonder about trying to make DOOM 2600 a reality,
> huh? I wonder if there would be anyway to simplify a playing field
> so that you wouldn't have to do "full" raycasting, some kind of shortcut
> you could make other than limiting turns to 90 degrees.

IMO, the raycasting isn't the big problem (that part isn't bad really)  I
have a customized routine in Basic that could be ported to 6502 (you'd
just need a few tables).  The output is wall heights, so it uses a little
memory.  I think there are plenty of cycles to handle it, tho.

The problem (at least for me) would be drawing the screen.  I'm guessing
that midline color changes would severely limit the horizontal
resolution..  so it would have to be some kind of Stell-A-Sketch thing
with monochrome patterns to simulate shades of color.  Please correct me
if I'm wrong tho, hopefully I am!

What is the highest horizontal resolution that can be achieved with either
patterns or solid lines of different colors? Can the 48 pixel wide (6
digit score) routine be stretched to fit the screen?


p.s. If anyone is interested in that Basic "DOOM" program just let me
know.. it's a small file.

> I think Battlezone stands as the ultimate 3D achievement on
> the 2600.
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