Re: [stella] Wolfenstein 5K

Subject: Re: [stella] Wolfenstein 5K
From: Jeff Johnston <jeffryj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 22:54:16 -0700 (MST)

Okay, I messed around with the whole 2600 Doom idea for a few days, now
I'm abandoning it.  First I ported by Basic program over to 6502.  The
display turned out to be too much for me to handle right now, but I wanted
to see if the 3-d algoritthm worked anyways, so I put the code in 5200BAS.
Works fine.  That reassured me, so I messed with the 2600 some more.
Unfortunately as many have predicted, it was just too slow.  I dunno if
the speed can be improved or not, but probably not by enough to matter.
The latest version doesn't really draw the screen, but I had it
continuously rotate the view.  You can see the screen go up and down
almost all the way to the bottom (meaning it used the whole time up, so
the screen wasn't drawn).  Maybe it could work with 30fps instead of 60, I
dunno.  I souped up the 5200 version with color and a fast screen draw
(flickers like crazy, but what do you expect from a quick hack? :)
Anyways, if anyone else would like to tinker with 'em, make a game,
whatever, have at it:

Source and binaries are included.  I think I'll work on my Solitaire game
for a while, its feeling neglected :).

Have fun,

On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Clay Halliwell wrote:

> > The highest resolution for patterns are 48 pixel (maybe 49 if
> > you use the ball too). And you cannot stretch these. The only
> And at 6 bytes per line, there isn't nearly enough RAM in the 2600 to use
> this as a postage-stamp frame buffer (you'd only get about 20 lines of
> vertical resolution).
> Dang, I wish someone would release the binary for Merlin's Walls.
> Clay
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