[stella] Strange Z26 (real thing?) behaviour discovered...

Subject: [stella] Strange Z26 (real thing?) behaviour discovered...
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 22:47:58 +0200
Hi there!


Strange things happen. Check the attached BIN (Well, I 
christianed it 'eckhard,bin', after the guy who'll most 
likely reveal the mystery :-)) with Z26.

This is what you get to see: 

- 62 2LK stars + 4 1LK stars = 128 scannlines used

This is what the code does:

-> See the Z26 log.

- I'm enabling the ball _once_  and never disable it.
- I feed HMBL with $80
- I execute HMOVE only on _even_ scannlines.

What I'd expect to see is:

- 64 2LK stars = 128 scannlines used

Now - how on earth comes that I'm getting those 4 half-
stars on the left edge ?!?

I'm certainly not *losing* a scannline anywhere, since 
the sprites display just as they should, without any 

Hm, hm... can someone check this against the real thing?

Well, meanwhile I managed to change the stars code to 
1LK resolution, which does fine - just as intended 
("paulstar.bin"), but I'd like to have this mystery 
revealed... :-)


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