RE: [stella] AI primer?

Subject: RE: [stella] AI primer?
From: "Billy Eno" <ceno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:00:15 -0500
Warring Worms has a simple, yet effective AI, if I do say so myself :> .
You can download the source at
.htm the main portion of the AI is two subroutines in "joystick.s" called
one_player_missile and one_player_mode, which is called from "snakes.s"
starting on line 525 and line 659.


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> Subject: [stella] AI primer?
> First, a quick thank you for Color Tweaker.  Very nice.  (and a nod to The
> Dig once again)  I can only hope Thomas's Tune2600 is as useful
> for sound as
> Color Tweaker seems to be for color! (regardless of Tune2600's
> being written
> for DOS *sigh* :^D)
> But today's question is, "Where do I go for a Atari 2600 AI primer?"  I've
> been thinking about playing some Robocode
> ( just for the fun of it
> and to start thinking AI, but that's, natch, a little high-level for the
> 2600.
> I was trying to think of games that had decent AI on the 2600 -- KABOOM!
> would not be on the list, nor would Space Invaders, nor River Raid, nor
> Barnstorming, nor Vanguard...  In fact I could think of very
> little short of
> the ghosts in Pac-Man and the bat in Adventure for AI, and even those are
> just more patterns with a few rules, I'd imagine.  Nothing struck
> me as even
> doing a real good job of pretending to have convincing AI -- Star Raiders
> and Bezerk are kinda close, perhaps?  Nothing on the level I'd like,
> however.
> I'm trying to make a game inspired by Adept (Archon II), and now that I've
> very nearly got two animated characters playable with, um, human supplied
> intelligence, I was hoping to take a break from the tedium of
> dreaming up 5
> to 8 more characters and start looking into AI for a one-player game,
> specifically with the mano-a-mano stuff.  Hardly a make-or-break
> proposition, but I thought it might be fun.
> Ah yes, I also updated the little player graphic creation tool to
> open from
> the system clipboard, which makes things much more useful, I
> believe.  Copy
> from your favorite text editor and voila.  Still at
> for now.
> Thanks,
> Ruffin Bailey
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