Re: [stella] Your Homebrews At CGE ?

Subject: Re: [stella] Your Homebrews At CGE ?
From: "Joel Park" <joelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:53:25 -0400
I bet I'm doing something Taboo here.. but. I'll take a copy of Space Treat
too if there were any left..

By the way,  if anyone was still wondering about the new Adventure game I'm
working on.. I've gotten quite a bit of the main large maze done,  I've
scaled everything up a little bit,  the mazes feel larger,  I don't know if
it's a good thing or a bad thing..  I won't know until I have the finished
product.    I've been repeating many parts of the maze to make a larger maze
with less graphics, but I'm afraid it may be killing some of it's "Charm".
We'll see.

Thanks again for all the help you guys gave me.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: [stella] Your Homebrews At CGE ?

> And I sold about 36 Space Treats for Fabrizio. Yes, Space Treat was sold
> CGE, but they didn't go on sale until Saturday at 4:30 p.m. - only 1/2
> before the CGE floor closed for the day at 5 p.m. (!) Fortunately, Albert
> and Alex at AtariAge were kind enough to set up a Space Treat display and
> sell what carts they could on Sunday. THey deserve a chunk of credit for
> sales.
> I tell ya, with the exception of the Berzerk/voice cart and SCSIcide, I
> don't believe any of the other homebrews/special releases sold out. People
> were *very* tight with the pursestrings this year. That - and there were a
> TON of things to purchase. People were being incredibly selective in what
> they bought. There was none of this "I must buy ALL the homebrews." It was
> refreshing, because people were only buying what they intended to later
> play. But it was frustrating to anyone who brought their stuff to sell.
> And the Marble CRaze snafu was truly disappointing. However, I'm glad Paul
> was able to get a few working and in the hands of folks who wanted them.
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