RE: [stella] Need an opinion (or two) on a playfield

Subject: RE: [stella] Need an opinion (or two) on a playfield
From: "Billy Eno" <ceno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 23:51:33 -0500
You don't have to be sorry, it is pretty bad.  I checked the archives and it
seems like your 4 color playfield may work.  I had tried several things with
flicker, but all that flickering concentrated in the center of the screen
just seemed bad, though I haven't been able to see it on a real tv yet (new
supercharger on its way...).  Is the flickering pretty reasonable looking?

I read plenty of descriptions of the 4-color playfield, but found only one
bin in the archive, and no source (the link to it is dead.)  My impression
is that you create the 4 colors using the two alternating playfield colors,
the color the playfields create when overlapped, and the background?

I may also just remove the 4th color, the playfield looks substantially
better when I put the stripes on the "tiles" every other line instead of
every third.  I am still hopeful about figuring some way to represent the 4
different states.

As for the interleaving, it is an interesting challenge, I think I need to
quiz Chris Wilkson about it some more.


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> Had a quick look.  Sorry to say, I don't like the current setup
> much.  It's
> clear what you were after - AFTER reading your description... but I don't
> think it works.  Have you considered the "4-colour playfield" system I
> posted so long ago?  Basically this alternates playfield pattern
> and colour
> to achieve an effective 3-colours + BG.  You could use this effectively to
> get the display you want....   at the expense of 30Hz flicker,
> but you'd get
> solid squares.
> Another technique... you could become the FIRST to do an interlaced game,
> and use the alternate playfields to do your different
> colouring... now that
> would be neat!
> Cheers
> A
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> Subject: [stella] Need an opinion (or two) on a playfield
> > Inspired by my trip to CGE, I am starting a new game, despite the fact I
> > have two other projects  languishing...
> >
> > The .bin here is part of the game Cube Conquest (the next in the
> > "Alliterative Titles" (tm)(c) series from Baroque Gaming).  I have been
> > staring at it too long, so please go look at it, then continue reading
> this
> > and I will describe what it is _supposed_ to be.
> >
> > ...
> > ...
> > ...
> >
> > Ok, it supposed to be a 16x16 field of tiles, with each
> tile(cubes) having
> > four states: Player0 (Green), Player1 (Orange), Blank (White), or Off.
> >
> > Did anybody see that, or am I fooling myself?  I tried some different
> > interlacing stuff, but with that much stuff that close, it just looked
> ugly.
> > Also my SuperCharger went south, so I am unable to debug on a real TV
> until
> > my new one comes in.
> >
> > Any comments or suggestions on how to better implement this would be
> > appreciated.  If you dig into the code "cubeconq.s" is the main file and
> the
> > field is drawn in "fielddraw.s"
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Billy
> >
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