Re: [stella] TIA Hardware Projects?

Subject: Re: [stella] TIA Hardware Projects?
From: Mark De Smet <de-smet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 00:25:06 -0500 (CDT)
> Are any of these coming close to fruition?  Is anyone other than 
> the fellow who chops full-sized 2600's 
> ( planning on making something 
> like this?

As an alternative, I think the best solution right now is to get a WinCE
machine and run an emulator.  I recently saw a post indicating someone had
created an emulator which runs most of the roms. (not sure where I saw
that though)

> I also googled up a story I'd missed at Slashdot that says we're in 
> for a self-contained system from "JAKKS" that will have 10 Atari 
> games in it that hooks up to your TV.  What's this thing using for 
> a TIA?  Didn't see much at the site; think it's vaporware (for now)?

There is at least one of these such devices.  Sean Kelly took one apart
and indicated that there is only one chip.  Unknown what it is.  It could
be anything from a single chip which implements all the
components(including roms), so some sort of hardware emulation.  As it is
a current commercial product, I doubt that the designers will release any


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