RE: [stella] Cuttle Cart & Video Game Crash of 2002

Subject: RE: [stella] Cuttle Cart & Video Game Crash of 2002
From: "Dennis Debro" <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 07:48:39 -0400
For me the CC had nothing to do with my purchases. There were a lot of
games at this CGE and I just didn't have the cash to pick them up.
Another reason was I was in all the keynotes so I missed the sale of the
games I wanted.

I talked to a few people there and the ones I talked to were more
collectors than gamers. The collectors got what they came for. One guy
sent his cousins or nephews (can't remember) to the show just to pick up
the new releases. He liked to have them signed too if he could. They
might need to change the name to the Collector Gaming Expo :-)

I have joked with the term "crash of 2002" too. There have been a lot of
games released this year. Well, more than past years. It's a little hard
to keep up with them all. I will eventually get all the homebrews but
with so many in a year, it's going to take a while. Here's the list for
the 2600 games released this year (maybe missing some)

1) Marble Craze
2) Warring Worms
3) Berzerk (with voice)
4) Mental Kombat
5) Space Treat
6) Thrust+
7) Pick Up
8) Save the Whales
9) Realsports Basketball
10) Snow White
11) Holey Moley
12) Crack'ed

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Hi there!

I'm just curious.

With people already talking about the Video Game Crash of 2002 this
year, this was the first CGE after the final run of CC sales, so I
wonder wether the the CC did rather *add* to the crash or *prevent* the

I don't know, if anyone analyzed peoples behaviours under this aspect,
but did known owners of CC's buy significantly more or less VCS games
than the years before?

Did you hear more:

"Hey I played this already on the CC and must own it"


"Ain't worth the XX$ bucks, I can play it for free on my CC"

What do you think?

I hope you realize that this post is free from my opinions. I don't want
to get this topic as *heated* as the last 56 times we talked about the

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