Re: [stella] Cuttle Cart & Video Game Crash of 2002

Subject: Re: [stella] Cuttle Cart & Video Game Crash of 2002
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 07:53:24 -0700
At 10:25 AM 8/30/2002 +0200, you wrote:
Hi there!

I'm just curious.

With people already talking about the Video Game Crash of 2002 this

Is this going on at RGVC or what? I haven't heard anything. Are you talking about a homebrew videogame sales crash or the entire industry? I'm assuming the former...

year, this was the first CGE after the final run of CC sales, so I
wonder wether the the CC did rather *add* to the crash or *prevent* the

It should also be noted that the Vectrex, the 2nd most popular homebrew platform, also has a Cuttle Cart style device, the VECRAM.

If people buy more or less it probably has more to do with the bad economy than anything else. I like cart packaging so even though I have a SC and CC, I'll buy games I really want to own for the sake of the packaging.

The flipside of devices like this is that it enables more people to play and develop games in BIN form. The CC enables you to, for the first time, develop games of any banking configuration and test on the real hardware. That's a real breakthrough for developers. Writing a 32K game like Marble Craze and testing on real hardware is now a lot easier.

So my advice to developers with games ready to distribute: make packaging a top priority. That increases your overhead, but I think it's worth it. If it's a limited edition item anyway, you might as well throw some money at it if you've got it.

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