Re: RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18

Subject: Re: RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 23:00:47 +0200
Thomas wrote:
> Oops, I'm always forgetting that the original DASM version
> doesn't support illegal opcodes.
> I you are interested: I did send an updated version to the list
> more than one year ago

I'll spare you the search: :)

Clay Halliwell wrote:
>> Maybe it's just 'cause I'm getting old, but it seems way too
>> hard. Each gameplay element by itself is fine, but in
>> combination they seem overwhelming.
Thomas wrote:
> Could you be a bit more specific, please?
> I'll probably have a lot of game variations (like S.I. ;-), and
> I would like to know how the elements can be combined.

I have to agree on the difficulty of the game as it is now...
But you could put in some progression where the first levels will have
harmless debris and the tanks can't be revived. Then will come levels with
blocking debris, and later on, deadly debris and reliving tanks... (for
instance :)

This should allow the players to get used to the game, so the harder levels
will be faced only when basic control and gameplay is assimilated...


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