Re: [stella] Euchre: Alpha (a little OT)

Subject: Re: [stella] Euchre: Alpha (a little OT)
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 18:42:23 -0400
On Wednesday 04 September 2002 11:13 pm, Ruffin Bailey wrote:
> Good heavens!  I believe when you said you picked Euchre b/c it's
> simple, you certainly weren't talking about the rules!

*laugh*  I was thinking of it being simple relative to other card games.  For 
instance, in Pinochle, you've got all those melds to consider, plus having 
two of each card available.  In Oh Hell, you only earn points if you make 
your bid exactly, so playing the right card at the right time is crucial.  
Cribbage also deals in combinations of cards, plus you need to be careful as 
you play about playing something that your opponents can capitalize on.  
Also, with only 24 cards in the Euchre deck you can allocate one byte per 
card and not be too short on memory.

> Not to mention the way to keep score in America with just one two and
> three...  goodness.

I've never seen that done around here.  Everyone I've played with either uses 
two fives or a six and a four (to be different).

> Good work from my few games in Stella on Mac OS X.

Thanks!  I'm glad to see it's making the rounds among the emulators and 
operating systems.  It holds up in Cyberstella and Z26 for DOS/Windows, 
Stella for Mac OS X, and Stella for Linux.
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