RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18

Subject: RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 15:43:34 +0200
Manuel Polik wrote:
>>What do you think? To many options?

>Aaaargh! Overkill! Way too many, yes!

I was afraid of that answer. 

>Couldn't you just make some 4-8 different map modes?
>Lets have them all different starting seeds and 
>different patterns for the wall density.

Yes, that's combined what 'maze number' and 'wall density' will 
do too. I was offering those option separate, because my maze 
generator already has implemented that. But I get your point of  
using some standard setups.

>As for all the other options, I'd try to divide them 
>into a standard "slowly progressing difficulty ramp" and 
>then create a few (1-3) really general playing modes, 
>which are really different from each other.

Different playing modes are ok, but I wouldn't like to start 
with the lowest difficulty over and over. Perhaps I should also 
use the switches for some options.

>Don't get me wrong, those are all very good ideas of 
>yours and customizing to some extent is a good thing, 
>but I hate it, when it's all customizable and when 
>there's no real standard playing modes left.

Hmm, what about that:
Offering a lot of customizing AND some standard setups that use 
some predefined values?

Have fun!	

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