RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18

Subject: RE: [stella] Robot City v0.18
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 11:10:03 +0200
Hi Thomas!

Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

>The options would be:
>- Maze number: 1..9 + random 
>- Walls density: 1..5 + random

>What do you think? To many options?

Aaaargh! Overkill! Way too many, yes!

Couldn't you just make some 4-8 different map modes?

Lets have them all different starting seeds and 
different patterns for the wall density.

You could even give them names like "Area of Blabla", 
and then people can better compare their results and 
maybe somehow beat those areas? Once you survive 100 
levels in that tower you win or so?

Maybe you need 20 levels in the first area, 40 levels in 
the second, etc to really beat it?

As for all the other options, I'd try to divide them 
into a standard "slowly progressing difficulty ramp" and 
then create a few (1-3) really general playing modes, 
which are really different from each other.

Then people can say, "Yesterday I've beaten "Deadly 
Area" in mode 3 with 874000 points" for example. :-)

Don't get me wrong, those are all very good ideas of 
yours and customizing to some extent is a good thing, 
but I hate it, when it's all customizable and when 
there's no real standard playing modes left.

Just my 0.02? ;-)


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