[stella] Dragons & Dragsters

Subject: [stella] Dragons & Dragsters
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 13:37:00 +0200
Hi there!

Maybe one or the other of you has followed the Sea Wolf 2 thread I
recently started on Atari Age: 

My idea for the main display kernel was doing something similar than the
movable 6char trick, which was used for the dragons in Dragonfire & the
cars in Dragster.

Eckhard Stolberg was able to recreate the trick and used it in several
demos, like 'Move This' and 'Kung Fu Sprites' and Rob Kudla did it again
for his "Boing" demo.

My idea was now, to use this trick in a Sea Wolf port, and to downsize
it to 3 or 4 sprites. This'd provide ships & subs with 24/32 pixels

I thought that maybe someone here would like to try experimenting with
this idea a bit, since I don't have the time to do it myself.

My hope was, that even with this high resolution of sprites, a missile
sequence like 

CPY torpedo1
CPY torpedo2
CPY torpedo3

would be doable per (2LK?) scannline, plus setting different sprite
colors per line.

The whole game certainly is doable with just two normal sprites and 16
pixel wide ships, but that'd be too easy, or? :-)

Maybe Eckhard or Rob would like to comment on the idea in general, and
if they'd consider it doable that way?

Is any classic game doing that?

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