Re: [stella] Skeleton - complete

Subject: Re: [stella] Skeleton - complete
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 08:24:06 -0400
Hi Manuel!

> I think it'd be better, if all 10 skeletons where in the maze at _once_.
Right now it's a little boring
The difficulty with having more than one skeleton is how to display
multiple skeletons (one skeleton uses both player graphics) and how to
handle the sound effects for multiple skeletons.  (How do you hear both the
one ahead of you and the one behind you?)

> I'd like to go backwards. :-)
I'll add it to the list of possible enhancements.  Maybe a difficulty
switch option.  Depends on how much space I have in the PAL version.

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